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By-Laws – The Kenton Kin Association

The name of this organization is The Kenton Kin Association.

The primary objective of this organization shall be to promote the life and deeds of General Simon Kenton, frontiersman, scout and protector of early Kentucky.  To promote Kenton genealogy.  Encourage family unity and fellowship.  Preserve Kenton artifacts and historical accuracy.

Membership is open to the descendants of any Kenton Kin and/or friend.  (From time to time special Honoree Members will be nominated by the association)

Voting is limited to dues paying members and spouses of dues paying Kenton family members that are present at meetings.

Elected officers must be Kenton Kin Descendants or spouses of current Kenton Kin members.
Section (a) The Kenton Kin Association shall elect the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Genealogy Person, Newsletter Editor, Website Person.  The President may appoint people to fill the last four positions, if nobody is nominated.
Section (b) No elected officer shall serve in more than one elected office at a time.
Section (c)  The elected officers shall serve for two years and no more than two consecutive terms.
Section (d) The elected officers, at the end of their term shall be allowed to run for election to another office.
Section (e) All officers shall be nominated to prior to or from the meeting floor and elected at the close of the annual meeting.
Section (f) The new officers shall begin their tem of office at the close of the annual meeting.

Section (a) The President shall preside over all meetings.  The President may appoint any Committee that is deemed necessary to carry out the objective of the Kenton Kin Association.
Section (b) The Vice President shall assist the President.  The Vice President shall act as chair in the absence of the President.
Section (c) The Secretary/Treasurer shall record and maintain the minutes of all meetings.  The Sec/Tres shall receive and disperse all monies. keeping adequate records and report at the Annual Meeting.  The Sec/Tres shall secure a checking account in the name of The Kenton Kin Association.  All monies are to be deposited in the account and checks written for all expenses incurred by the association.
Section (d) Geneology Chair shall put together and maintain “family trees” relating (to each members relationship to the Kenton Family.)
Section (e) Newsletter Editor shall put together a newsletter no less than two times per year and mail a copy of the newsletter to every member who has paid their annual dues.
Section (f) Webmaster will be responsible for promoting The Kenton Kin Association on the internet, publish an online database for genealogy and history researchers and provide information about Simon Kenton, The Kenton Kin, News Updates and The Annual Kenton Kin Association Meeting, in Old Washington Kentucky.

Annual Meeting will be held at Old Washington, Kentucky (Maysville) each year to coincide with the Annual Simon Kenton Kin Festival.  A Meeting and Festival Schedule will be posted in the newsletters and on The Kenton Kin Association website.

The by-laws may be amended by two thirds majority vote of those members present and voting in accordance with Article IV.

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The Kenton Kin Association News


Hey Cousins-

Just a short note to welcome you all to our new online newsletter that we have been working on.  Please note that this is a work in progress and your participation is highly encouraged.  You will see that you can make comments at the bottom of most posts.  Also-if you would like to post an article or some family news, all you need to do is email me or Pam, and we will post it.  This can also include pictures that you send by email attachment or-feel free to send by text!

Our goal is to make this page as informative and as useful as possible, so feel free to jump in here at any time-and forward this link to your family members and friends that will be interested.  Also-feel free to hit the contact button above and send me your email address to get on our email list.

As of July 18th we have finished our working edit of the printed newsletter and hope to go to print before the end of the month.  We apologize for the delay but, we wanted to make sure that we were doing something that would be an honor to our predecessors and it has NOT been an easy task.  I hope you enjoy all of the new things we have been working on and look forward to your input, comments and contributions.

Talk Soon-
Marc Faulkner

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From: The Desk of Jay Noble
“I am doing good I go next week to get an epidural shot in my lower spine next week. It is supposed to help with the pain. Let you know what happens. Jay-

*Let’s Sent a Shout out to Jay!!!!!

I would like to ask you to keep our president, Jay Noble, in your prayers.  Jay has a fracture in his spine and will see the specialist on the 21st.  All the best Jay-we will be pulling for you!
Marc F

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Obituary Linking Kenton’s, Faulkner’s, Collins – Early Mason County, Ky

This is a Work in Progress!

According to her obituary, written by TS Mc Farland, Jemima (Collins) Kenton was the sister of Mrs. George Faulkner (Elizabeth Collins) and Mrs. Zachariah Putnam (Winifred Collins).
In another article:
Uncle Rube’s (The Cynthiana Log Cabin) writes that Jemima Collins was a sister to his maternal grandmother.  Thanks to Bill Wheaton, I now know that ” “Uncle Rube” was George W. Jett, b. 4 July 1858 Bracken Co., KY and d. 7 May 1939 New, Richmond, OH. His parents were William Jett and Mary Jane Bettys.”
Mary Jane Bettis’s (Bettys) parents were Nancy Jane Collins and Archibald Bettis!

1) Elizaeth Collins m. George Faulkner
2) Winifred Collins m. Zachariah Putman
3) Jemima Collins m. Thomas Kenton
4) Nancy Jane Collins m. Archibald Bettis
XXXXX There are definately more children / siblings and half siblings of the above mentioned Collins Sisters…..

Were they all born in Virginia?  Where?
In another of Uncle Rube’s articles, George W. Jett states: ” The recent notice of the sale of the Joe Taylor homestead on the North Fork is a point to be mentioned, The old Kenton graveyard is the spot where my own mother was laid to rest 70 years ago this coming July. It contains nearly all my mother’s people, including her father and mother, and her grandfather and grandmother, Ambrose Collins, and his wife, a daughter of Anderson White, an early pioneer. In fact I do not think it was meant to be more than a family burial plot, but later filled up with the neighborhood folk around. The Insko graveyard across the North Fork was long the burial place for most of the people of that section. Uncle Tom Kenton and Aunt Jemima (Collins) were the last to be buried at the Kenton, or Collins burial place. Uncle Tom’s father, Philip C. Kenton, is buried at Urbana, O., where lie the remains of his illustrious uncle, Gen. Simon Kenton”  {This last statement here must be incorrect as the family record states that Philip Clelenad Kenton moved back to Ky and, infact the census records show him living with his son Thomas and Jemima}
From the article above we can name the father of the four, above mentioned Collins sisters (there were other siblings), as Ambrose Collins!  The mother of these Collins children remains a mystery as Ambrose Collins seems to have had two wives named Mary.  From the above, we can deduct that the mother of Nancy Jane (Collins) has the last name of White.


William Kenton and Mary Cleland Kenton Family

William Kenton, the first son of Mark and Mary Miller Kenton, was born September 20, 1737, in Fauquier County, Virginia (now part of Prince William County).  His father had immigrated some nineteen years before from Ireland, while his mother, who had also immigrated from Ireland, was of Scotch-Welsh descent.  It is believed that when Mark came to this country he changed his name from O’Canton to Kenton.  William grew up on Mark and Mary’s humble, backwoods farm (known as Devil’s Bed) with his eight brothers and sisters.  The farm, overlooked by White Run Cliff and nestled between Bull Run Mountain, Round Top Mountain, and Highacre Hill, was located near Hopewell Gap.  One of his brothers was famous pioneer and Indian fighter, Simon Kenton.

In contrast, Mary Cleland, the woman who would become William’s wife, led a more sheltered and affluent life than he.  Born in Maryland in 1748, she was one of the nine children of Dr. Thomas and Jane Smith Cleland.  Like Mark and Mary Kenton, Thomas Cleland, who was a physician and noted Presbyterian clergyman, had also immigrated from Ireland.  Somehow William and Mary crossed paths, and a romance flourished.  The two were married ten days before Christmas in 1763.  The ceremony took place near Dumfries, Virginia.  Tobacco farmers, they built a home and life in Fauquier County for the next twenty years. Continue reading “William Kenton and Mary Cleland Kenton Family”

Trek to Cain-Tuck

Hello Cousins-
The time has almost come for our annual trek to Ol Washington, Kentucky to attend the annual Simon Kenton Festival and our annual Kenton Kin Association Meeting. The festival is always the third weekend of Sept. and this year that starts on Sept. 15th. Most of us try to arrive Thursday evening from our homes all over this great county. We stay at the Super 8 Hotel in Maysville and enjoy a special rate. Unfortunately, I was slow to reserve a room this year and we are going to have to stay down the road as Super 8 is all booked up. I can assure you we will be sneaking over to enjoy some serious “bonding time” with you all. We will be there as early as we can get there from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am guessing the fact that Super 8 is all booked is a great sign for this year turnout! Continue reading “Trek to Cain-Tuck”

Kenton / Collins Connection in Virginia 1775

I found a court record connecting William Kenton (Simon Kenton’s oldest brother) to Edmund Collins from Fauquier County, Virginia that is dated Nov. 28, 1775.  I believe this is significant because it shows that William Kenton and Edmund Collins lived in close proximity to each other and most likely knew each other.  It is believed by many researches that William Kenton’s oldest son, Philip Cleland Kenton married the daughter of Edmund Collins who has been called Fanton, Francis and Fanny.  Also-Philip Cleland Kenton’s son Thomas Kenton married Jemima Collins.  Exactly how these two Collins females are related is unknown at this time.  This author believes they were cousins and that their fathers were brothers, Edmund and Ambrose Collins.  I have a cousin who is doing some extensive research on this Collins family and I am excited to see what she digs up:)  I think it is worth preserving the record here at this time:

“(7p) 1775, 28 Nov: The persons appointed to view the road petitioned for by William Pickett SANFORD returned their report to the Fauquier Co., VA court. William BARKLEY, John METCALF and William KENTON have viewed the way from William KENTON’s corner to the Loudoun line at the North Thorowfare of Bull Run from Kenton’s Corner on the line between COMBS and MUCCABEY to the Devil’s Bed Branch, thence up the Grassy Ridge to the corner between OBRYANT and MERCER, thence on the south side of Richard GRIFFIN’s and OBRYANT’s Old Place to Edmund COLLINS, thence down the branch and across Spencer CLACK’s [CLARK’s?] Old Fields to the county line by SAMUELS and do find it may be good and convenient road without damaging any man’s plantation. Ordered that the said road be established according to the report. William Pickett SANFORD appointed surveyor of the said road and it is orderefd that he with the tithes that shall be appointed by Charles CHINN, Gent., do clear and keep the same in repair.”

French Trader Drouillard

By Gilbert F. Dodds for Associated Press

For a single humane act, Peter Drouillard, long a French trader in the Ohio country, deserves to be remembered.

In the Summer of 1798, an epidemic called the “bloody flux” threatened to depopulate Chillicothe.  Medical skill was exerted to no avail.  Few who were attacked recovered.  Eight to 10 pioneers were buried a day.  Then Drouillard arrived and administered to the afflicted with great success.  He gave relief in a few hours and in many cases effected permeant cures.

On another occasion, when Simon Kenton was threatened with be burned at the stake by Indian captors, Drouillard interceded and saved him.  Records indicate the Frenchman’s life was a series of similar acts.

Joseph Drouillard, for 23 years clerk of Gallia county courts, was a son of the French trader.

Repository (Canton Ohio) Thursday, May 16, 1940 pg. 4



Who Was Uncle Rube -Writer for Cynthiana Log Cabin?

Updated Feb 13th 2017

I found this while researching the Kenton / Collins genealogy files at the public library in Paris Ky, an article that looks to have come from a paper called the Robertson Review Centennial Edition.  I believe it is the July 1974 or 79 edition.  I can not make out the year-also it looks to be on page 24.


Thomas Kenton’s grave site-Kenton Cemetery – Panther Creek – Abigail – Robertson Co. Ky-

The article refers to an article that was in the Robertson Advance (October 8, 1909) and is titled: Uncle Rube’s Talk.

In that article it says:

“We clip from the Cynthiana Log Cabin the following sketch:  Thomas Kenton who lived to almost the century mark, was long a resident of Mt Olivet.  His granddaughter, Mrs. Eliza Jett McDonnell (sp?), now occupying the old homestead.  He married Jemima Collins, a sister of UNCLE RUBE’S maternal grandmother and two of our uncles, the ones named in his sketch married uncle Tom’s daughters.”  {* I am sure I’m not the only one who would like to know who Uncle Rube’s maternal grandmother was!}

The article goes on:


From Cable, Ohio; Oct 9, 1913 – (this must be the date this letter was originally sent?) Sent by: TS McFarland-

Mr, Editor–By the kindness of some friend I have been getting the “Log Cabin” for several years and in your last issue I noticed the death of one John Kenton, an aged gentleman, and he was the son of Thomas Kenton Sr.  The said Thomas Kenton was the son of Philip C. Kenton, who was a nephew of Gen. Simon Kenton, his father being William Kenton, a brother of Simon, both buried in this county, one in Urban and the other near.” Continue reading “Who Was Uncle Rube -Writer for Cynthiana Log Cabin?”

Kenton Kin Association on Facebook

We created a Facebook group page for the Kenton Kin Association.  This provides another way for us to network and share with folks that are interested in what we are doing.  Please join our group and feel free to share a picture, story or comment.  Click Here We look forward to seeing you there!

William Kenton’s House of Stone-Bull Run Mountains,Virginia Abt 1755

I found some interesting links while searching for information on William Kenton (Simon’s older brother) of Virginia today.

William Kenton built a one-and-one-half-story, stone dwelling with a gable roof and interior-end-stone chimney on a 215-acre tract lying between Halfway and Logans Mill roads in circa 1775.
His west-facing and early-stuccoes house has since burned, leaving portions of the front- and back walls and all of the gable-end walls standing. The window openings survive on the side elevations, and one remains intact on the southeast corner of the east rear. Those flanking the former center doorways on the side-gabled walls retain stone sills or pieces of charred wooden sills.
Protected from livestock by a post-and-rail fence, the ruin is an alluring colonial-settlement feature on the landscape. The William Kenton Tract also possesses an unusual natural landscape feature called a devil’s bed, composed of a horizontal bed rock and a headstone, which is just south of the ruin. A devil’s bed is a geological rock formation that has been considered diabolically megalithic in the case of a fairly flat horizontal bed rock extending to a headstone.
The historic ruin and bedrock stand out in the background during annual fall openings of the Orange County Hunt and are now approached from Logans Mill Road.”

Here is a link to the paper regarding this and other properties close by, including that of Simon Kenton’s rival-William Leachman!  Click Here

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